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Beach hotel 2

Here are some more pictures of the wonderful Beach Hotel project.

beach hotel 2

Crossing bounaries

Of course ColorWerks offers a wide range of imaginative possibilities right out of the box. But for some, that’s just not good enough. Luckily for them, the ColorWerks LVT planks are easy to cut to size, opening a whole new realm of possibilities to creative interior designers. This UK designer has chosen to cut the standard planks in half to lay down a herringbone pattern in tints of grey. The result is an exciting yet balanced contemporary floor.

ColorWerks planks used are: COL 18 „Ice grey”, COL 04 „Shaker grey” and COL 01 „Cocktail glass”

UK creativity

The furniture outlet

Here’s an excellent example of the limitless creative possibilities of ColorWerks.

By combining Colors and materials, using feature strips and taking advantage of the ease with which the material can be cut to all shapes and sizes, Grûnewald furniture outlet has added atmosphere, style and character to their showroom.

The ColorWerks planks used are COL 13 „Soda” and COL 09 „Mint leaf”